Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Old Friend

This is another antique quilt that was on display at Winterthur Museum a few years ago, although I don't think I've ever shared it here.Unfortunately I don't have information about where it came from or who might have made it. I love the colors, the deep red and the aged mottling in the background. It is a wonderful example of applique and embroidery. I would love to have this in my family room- it would go beautifully with my red plaid sofa!
Looking at these old quilts, I wonder about the ladies who made them. I think about their hands, making stitches by candle light in the evenings, or perhaps during a few stolen moments during the afternoon, deftly working across the fabric. I wonder what their names were. Were they yet married? Did they have children? Did they make it for a special occasion? What kind of lives did they lead- what kind of life experiences had they had? Did they ever imagine that their work would end up in a museum? It is fun to make up stories in my head about them. I wonder what kinds of conversations we'd have if I could meet them- would we have a lot in common, besides our love of stitching? Maybe we would exchange funny stories about our children, or the occasional frustrations and challenges of motherhood, or perhaps the sometimes bittersweet details of everyday life. Would I call any of these ladies "friend".... yes, I am quite sure I would.


  1. Wow, totally amazing quilt. I also wonder about the women who made these antique quilts. Who were they, where did they come from, where did they go? So sad that many of their history is not documented. But their quilts remain.

  2. I imagine as quilters they led lives much like ours....figuring out ways to get all the boring stuff done so they could spend more time quilting! Did you say RED plaid sofa!LOL You know...I LOVE RED! :)

  3. Love this post!
    I'll bet one thing...The women who made those quilts had patience and were content. :)


  4. Oh, what a beautiful quilt! I wonder the same things about many of the quilts I own and have seen at shows and museums. What fun it would be to be able to peek back through a window in time and perhaps see the maker of that quilt and so many others!

  5. "A few stolen moments"

    As hard we may think we work, I'm sure, given the thought, we wouild agree that life is ever so much sweeter for the vaccum cleaner, hot running water, washing machine, electric oscillating fan, etc, etc, and on and on.............

  6. How beautiful... each stitch an expression from the heart...

  7. This one is the colors and design. I often wonder that when I see antiques, especially paintings. I think we would have lots of things in common.



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