Monday, June 14, 2010

Delightful Dining

I love dishes and bowls of every of color, size and shape. So imagine how happy I was to find piles of them at Anthropologie in really yummy colors (I got mine at the store, but they also have a website- but I think the colors available in the store are prettier than the ones on the website). I had to get one in each color, and each size. I love them, we are using them in place of our everyday dishes for cereal, ice cream, small serving bowls. The little ones are perfect prep bowls for cooking. They seem to make everyday more lively and fun. Every morning, I open the cabinet and deliberate which color I should use for my breakfast cereal- the kiwi green? melon? robin's egg blue? sunny yellow? A colorful way to start my day....
(Thanks to daughter for taking the art-sy photos.)


  1. Oh I love those colorful bowls too! So great and it looks so summery to me!
    Be blessed

  2. I love that colorful bowls too!

  3. I do that thing! "Which one shall I use today?"

    I recently obtained a kiln and wheel and will soon have my own selection of yummy bowls to choose from!



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