Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh No! The Power's Out (again....)

Ahhh the joys of living in the country... when the power goes out, we are at the bottom of the repair list. It's been out for about 21 hours now. Actually, the crews were already out, working on fixing the downed power lines on our street after some brief but wild storms yesterday afternoon. But as luck would have it, the transformer next to our house, which feeds only our house, had blown out (maybe that's what that big CRACK was I heard yesterday when the power went out!) and they did not have a replacement. So who knows when it will be back at our house (I think everyone else on our street is back on). Last night we had dinner at Wendy's, granola bars and bottled water for breakfast, and right now daughter and I are sitting at the coffee shop enjoying lunch- yummy roast beef pannini:
Gourmet grilled cheese (daughter was very hungry and decided to dive right in before I could get a proper photo):
and free wifi (quite a bit faster than we have at home.)

One of the problems with having the power out is that not only can we not run appliances or turn on the lights, but we have an electric water pump, which means no showers and toilet flushing only when absolutely necessary. In the morning to wash my face, I use the lighter to manually light the gas range and heat just a little bit of water in a saucepan. Can't wash my hair. I imagine what life was like on the Prairie or England circa Jane Austen- and honestly right now it seems much less romantic than it does in the movies. Oh, my (little teeny tiny) kingdom for a hot shower!!! It should make me appreciate having hot showers most days, but to be very honest, it really just makes me a little cranky (as hubby can attest to...)

So at least one can sketch and draw with no electricity, so this is a little peek at what I worked on this morning:
And a few days ago, when I actually did have power, I worked on some sample blocks for some quilts I am designing for my fabric line, Sewing Room Social. I won't have fabric till late September or early October, so for now I am working out some of the designs with fabric from my stash, just to make sure they come out right.
This fabric is from Northcott's Love Me, Love Me Not collection, which I did a design for (and was actually featured in their ad in Fons & Porter.) I had some fabric leftover, and I think they look pretty cute.

I will sign off now. I am stinky and greasy, yes I am. Can't wait for a shower.
Hope you have a weekend of fabulously long hot showers. I will be thinking of you....


  1. Oh Jacquelynne, I'd loan you my water and shower if I could! LOL! And in Jane Austin's time, way was pumped or hauled by hand so therefore you wouldn't be without water, you would just have to work for it! :) On the other hand, maybe some down time and someone else doing the cooking is just what you supposed to be doing right now! Hope the power is back soon!

  2. Oh girl, I remember living in the country with the power out!!! Now when the power goes out here in the city we can still shower and cook (gas)
    I do hope you get some electricity soon sweetie!
    I love your little drawing and the material you are using-So cute!
    Hope you have a great weekend WITH power.
    P.S. gotta say that food looked REALLY REALLY good!

  3. Hope things will be up and running quickly. Love the pink and black fabric!

  4. Here's to the power coming back soon!
    I know how hard this is.

    Your creativity hasn't suffered though. Great work!

    Becky K.

  5. Funny how attuned we are to living WITH power and it's not until we do not have it that we notice how much we are used to having it! I hope you get the power restored shortly.

  6. We have kamakaze squirrel issues with our transformer. (which,by the way, services only our property.) Every so often a squirrel does a tight rope walk that ends in a substantial BOOM! and th the lights go out.

  7. Thought #2. You can purchase a portable shower that is heated with propane. They run about $100.00 from Sportsmans's Guide Catalogue.



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