Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Want This....

BTW my birthday is just a few short months away (August 16), so if anyone needs a gift idea.... hint hint. I just don't know how practical it would be- how much fabric do you think I could fit in there??
If you could decorate anything with patchwork, what would it be- your cat? your husband?


  1. A friend of mine wrote the same thing on her blog! This VW is a cutie for sure! I wonder who owns it? I would patchwork a wall! Wouldn't that be fun? I did a patchwork table with scrapbook paper and it makes me so happy!:) Lori

  2. Really looks so cute! I would love to patch a wardrobe. Would be great fun! Hey and my birthday is just two days after yours, so funny! Lol!
    Have a belssed time

  3. Oh my gosh!....I'm speechless! That car..what a hoot...if a win the lottery before your birthday, I'll buy it for! :) Don't hold your breath on the lottery though..LOL!

  4. I would want to have a complete patchwork onesie for my fattest cat because not only would it be adorable, it would allow for the most amount of patches.

  5. You are just so funny!

    Thanks for following me. I think my whole house is patchwork. Odds and ends of everything.


  6. I want one too! It's lovely! :)

  7. I'm always telling my husband I want a VW van for him to fix up for me. He does amazing bodywork on cars and trucks. I love that VW!
    My son's birthday is August 16th and my birthday is August 20th!

    Have a great weekend, I'll write you soon, I'm in over my head with Tim's graduation plans/party!


  8. In 1992 I had a Dodge Colt, sub compact, car that was blue, except for the white hood and front fenders, replacing the ones that I crunched up in an accident. Upon seeing all that white, I said, "This not a car, it's a canvas!" So I bought cans of sign paint, yellow, orange and darker orange and painted a huge sunburst on it.
    I can't believe that I can't find a photo of it! It covered the entire hood and fenders! I named the car, "Trigger Sunshine Mobile" 80)

  9. Hi Jaquelynne
    Your quilts are so gorgeous. I love seeing them on your blog. The car is amazing. If I could patchwork something it would have to be the outside of a great big old double decker bus. I would have the downstairs as a craft shop/cafe and the upstairs as a big area for crafting. I would drive it around people could come once a week for a chat and lots of crafting.
    Thanks for your comment. This is the Xscape website
    There are 3 Xscapes and if you click on the 'Milton Keynes' one that will be nearer to where you are visiting this summer. They even have the Airkik Indoor Skydiving there which I am told is amazing.



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