Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Being Dragged Kicking & Screaming into the 21st Century.....

Having oldest daughter home from college has been great-she fills orders, does inventory, has unpacked all of the boxes from Market- and she is pulling, pushing and cajoling me into the 21st century. She has got me Tweeting (after pal Lynnette Anderson told me that I really should) and even made me a Noble Wife Facebook Fan page. (Now let me tell you- I am a Facebook drop out- I have a page but I hardly ever go on there. And when she told me that she was going to set up a Fan page- well that was pretty scary- because what if no one wants to be a fan?? So feel free to hop over and sign up to follow me on Twitter or become a Facebook Fan, if you want to massage my ego a little bit. It is funny how she loves to promote me, but I just cringe at the thought of promoting myself. It is something I really have to work on.)

This conversation about new technology, and my reticence towards it, has gotten my husband and I talking about the technology that was brand new and fantastical when we were teens. I remember our first microwave, it came with a little cookbook which told you how to "plump" dried fruit and then make a snack mix with it. It wasn't very good, but I kept making it because I wanted to use the microwave. I remember my brother making a lot of scrambled eggs in the microwave. And mom had to go out and buy "microwave bowls". Hubby has similar memories of when his family first got their microwave- even though they hardly ever ate bacon before, they started having bacon with everything, because, you know, they could. (He also remembers the days before remote control for the TV- he would lay on the floor and use his toes to change the channel. I know- it's quite a talent, probably part of the reason that I married him.)
My dad told me that when he was a little boy, they got their milk from his Uncle George's farm. Then one day his mom brought home a bottle of milk- and he cried, because he wanted HIS milk from a cow, not a bottle!

So now you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook. If you don't know how, I suggest asking the nearest teenager, they will probably be happy to help.

What was the latest greatest gadget when you were growing up? How did it change your life? And did your mom and dad think it was "just a fad"???


  1. I remember when our family bought our first DVD player... We were all so excited and now it's a staple in every home! It's hard to believe how fast times change!

  2. I remember when I got my first Game Boy. I was so excited because we really didnt play many video games as kids. Two days later I put it in a box and probably didnt pick it up again for another six months.

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  4. Well I will try this again. For some reason I clicked before I finished what I was writing. Anyway, I tried Facebook but when Granny died I deactivated it for some reason. I never went on it. I would love to be a fan though. Do I have to have a facebook acct.

  5. Showing my age here....I remember Dad bringing home a Transistor radio when I was a kid. It was exciting, because you could carry the "tranny" around with you. You didn't have to sit in the one spot to listen to the radio! It measured about 8"x 4". By the time we were old enough to want one ourselves, they were so small- 3"x 2" !LOL

  6. The VCR, definitely. My family liked home movies. We liked tv movies. We liked movies. We liked watching when we wanted to, also.

  7. I remember when I was a pre-teen and blow dryers for our hair came on the market--thanks Farrah Fawcett! and, Gram bought one of the first computerized sewing machines in 1989! I still have it and it still works and it has been worked ALOT!And when cassette Walkman's came out LOL remember EVERYBODY who was cool had one!

  8. About Facebook, just rmember that you don't have to;
    poke, hit with pillows, send or receive chocolates,rainbows, smiley faces or anything you don't want to. You don't have to play farmville, mafia wars, yada, yada.

    No one will get mad. Just do what can be done sanely.

    I am a world class kibbitzer. (At least in my own little head.)

    So that's what I mostly do. I do try draw folks to my etsy site and blog.

    My fan page: Judy A Goddard

    Be blessed!

  9. Two things... just this weekend, my sister and I were remembering - and sharing with our teenage kids - that we GOT CABLE and were LITERALLY Watching when MTV WENT ON THE AIR.... and Pong. What video game could ever top Pong?!

  10. The greatest invention I've had since I've been alive is my PSP. (PlayStation Portable)It has the amazing internets,can play movies, has Skype so I can call my friends it I need to and most importantly, I can play amazing videogames with great graphics on the go. It is my ball and chain in a way.



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