Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blogger's Block... Which Leads Me to Food....

Lately I have difficulty finding something to post on- there is plenty going on around here, but nothing anyone else would be interested in!!! It always amazes me how some bloggers have the ability to make doing laundry or washing the car seem visually stunning and creatively challenging.....

I have several projects underway, but nothing to show just yet. When I get them printed up, you will be the first to know...

After several months of not doing much cooking at all, I have been doing a little more lately. Sunday night we were watching The Next Food Network Star, and it put me in the mood for good food (OK I am always in the mood for good food, but I generally prefer not having to prepare it myself, or perhaps more accurately, cleaning the kitchen afterwards.) I tried Melissa's 4 step Chicken (actually, I count 5 steps, but whatever) on Monday night and that came out pretty good. Yesterday, while going through the pantry I happened upon 4 boxes of lasagna noodles (what was I thinking??) so last night I actually made lasagna (not like my mom makes, though.... I used no-boil noodles, which are very good by the way, and jar spaghetti sauce- gasp- please do not tell my mom or grandmother!!!) That's 2 homemade dinners in a row, people!!! Also, daughter is sick today so I made her some homemade chicken soup for lunch. Now I have no idea what I am making tonight. It must be a real no brainer and no clean up because right now the sink is piled high with dishes from breakfast and lunch.... Oh I just don't know if I can face the kitchen again in a few hours..... You know, I really love the idea of cooking.... I can't pass by the Williams and Sonoma at the mall without going in... it's just that when it comes down to it- I wish I had a private chef so I could just tell them what I am in the mood for and let them whip it up for me (and someone to clean the kitchen afterwards, I think I've already established that....)

Anyway, I thought I'd share a website that I really like called All Recipes. It has been around for a long time and just keeps getting better. The recipes are submitted by home cooks, and when you have made the recipe you can rate it and offer suggestions to improve or simplify it. If you like cooking or food, you can just lose yourself on this site.

A new one that I recently came across that I don't like as much is called Mixing Bowl. It also offers recipes from home cooks, but all of the recipes I have seen so far have ratings to the effect of "This sounds really good", I haven't found a rating from anyone who has actually tried the recipe. But it is a new site, so maybe it will improve.

Finally, there is My Recipes. They have a feature called 1 List, 5 Meals. You print out the shopping list (30 ingredients or less) and they give you 5 recipes- Week 1 features recipes such as Snapper Tacos with Chipotle Cream, Quick and Easy Turkey Burgers, and Braised Herb Chicken Thighs with Potatoes. There is also a section called 15 Minute Weeknight Dinners- that is right up my alley!

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