Friday, August 14, 2009

In Progress

There are lots of projects near completion.... I started this wool project over a year ago... It is finally done! I think I did a sneak peek of this project a long, long time ago here on the blog.... It was just one of those projects that I worked on intermittently whenever I got the chance- I set my mind to finishing it a couple of weeks ago and here it is. I have to get it photographed and write up the instructions (yuck! my least favorite part...) and then get the pattern printed up. This is the boy-themed quilt that I mentioned here just a couple of weeks ago- yes I actually already got it done! It is off to the machine quilter today, so I'll have it back in a few weeks, then we can photograph it and print up the pattern (I have to write the instructions for this one, too.... I always put that part off....) Also off to the machine quilter today is the "cat poop quilt".... The dry cleaner got the stains out, but it is over-pressed and I hope I can get the machine quilter to cover up some of the set-in wrinkles with her stitches..... and it also has that icky solvent smell to it... Kitty is lucky she has 9 lives (now only 8!)
And here is a quilt that I started yesterday (when I was supposed to be writing the directions for the 2 above projects....) I am using a lot of fabrics from the Mill House Inn Collection by Fig Tree Quilts and Simple Abundance Collection by Bonnie and Camille (both from Moda, and will be out in the stores in early fall), as well as a couple of Folklorique (Fig Tree Quilts) and Robyn Pandolph for RJR and Kansas Trouble Quilters from Moda fabrics. I really am itching to work on this- I am going to hand applique it, which is something I haven't done in a little while, my last few projects have been done with machine applique. But first I have to write those pattern instructions! (I think I can, I think I can.....!)


  1. I love the colors in the wool project, it's very pretty.

  2. I love the wool applique. I've just begun to do wool and I love it.

  3. The colors are great...This summer has been so crazy that I have not visited some of my favorite blogs often. I always enjoy stopping by yours. Have a Happy Sunday! I have a giveaway going through Monday morning.

  4. It all looks great. I hate pattern writing. I put it off until the last possible date.



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